Most diets institute a deprivation state, which works against both the psychological and physiological aspects of long-term weight control. “Dieting makes you fat” is a statement we adamantly believe holds true. It slows the metabolic rate, or calorie-burning ability, increases insulin levels and disrupts blood sugar regulation, increases LPL, or fat-storing enzyme propensity, and results in loss of muscle mass which contributes to faster weight regain and does nothing to improve one’s health or figure.

“Do it once and do it right” is our motto (or for those who have tried plenty of diets: “Do it once and for all, do it right”). Developing the positive physiological changes, eating habits and attitude is key to achieving long-lasting results.

Diminishing Dimensions is not just another diet program. No one can indefinitely subsist on only liquid formulas or prepackaged foods, or adhere to a list of acceptable vs. “off-limit” foods every day.

Diminishing Dimensions never wants anyone to be hungry while losing weight. In fact, our plan provides more than enough food, so most clients claim they cannot eat everything they’ve been allotted in a day. Remember, the more you eat, the higher the metabolism, hence, the greater the weight loss.

We employ a number of tricks to keep the body satisfied: the right percentage of nutrients – so nothing is lacking; correct spacing of meals to ensure satiety and high energy levels; proper combination of food groups and plenty of high-fiber, health promoting foods. And because no foods are off-limits, variety is never a problem.

When you look at other programs and diet plans, you can easily understand why changes are not permanent. They’re too restrictive or unrealistic, they’re not based on “normal” foods, and they put the body into poor physiological state primed for regaining weight. The Diminishing Dimensions program counteracts all these negative outcomes because it approaches weight loss with a unique and long-lasting formula for success. The weight loss phase is sensible, realistic, and does not deprive the mind or body. It teaches nutritional essentials that keep clients feeling satisfied, full of energy, and improves their health in the process. It also teaches what you need to know to outsmart the body and set point, break past plateaus and how to compensate when you “over-do-it.” The knowledge gained is invaluable. The maintenance phase is important to be sure lost weight stays off, new habits become permanent, and physiology is changed for lasting results.

Results remain consistent: improved health and mental outlook; increased energy; loss of body fat without a subsequent loss of muscle mass; decreased cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels as well as decreased use, or elimination of, many medications and relief from aliments such as P.M.S., hypoglycemia, headaches and gastrointestinal problems.