Winning strategies for weight control and health improvement through good nutrition and personal training!

Diminishing Dimensions’ comprehensive program is designed to teach you how to eat properly on-the-go, increase your metabolism while you shut down your fat-storing enzymes and stimulate your fat metabolizing capacities. You’ll learn to control cravings and eliminate binges, develop motivational skills to reach your goal, break past the plateaus and avoid weight regain, as you lower your fat set point. Eating properly will help boost your immune system, fight disease, lower your “bad” and raise your “good” cholesterol, help prevent cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and lower your blood pressure while increasing your energy levels. Good nutrition can add years to your life, improve your figure and appearance, and allow you to achieve and maintain an ideal weight.

Therapeutic Counseling offered by Marlaine Philpotts, RD

Member of the American Dietetic Association

Nutrition Education and Menu Planning for:

  • High Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High Trigylcerides
  • Food Allergies
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Cancer Patients
  • Diverticulosis
  • PMS
  • Pregnancy/Lactation
  • Eating Disorders
  • Menopause

Personal Training by Marlaine Philpotts

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Youth Fitness Specialist
  • Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Member of the American Council on Exercise
  • Member of the International Sports Science Association
  • Certified Life Coach

Get Fit – Lose Weight – Fix Figure Flaws – Increase Metabolism – Improve Health – Enjoy Exercise

  • Exercise education and instructions
  • Personally developed programs to meet each individual’s needs and goals
  • Quick and effective workouts for the busy person
  • Program Design and Implementation for those with chronic disease or injury
  • Fitness Programs for children
  • Specially tailored programs for the Senior Citizen
  • Body Composition testing and analysis
  • Strength and flexibility evaluation

Individual Counseling and On-Site Group Programs

We believe in an educational approach to weight loss and better health. With our approach you receive:

  • Body composition and metabolism test 
  • Individualized meal plans, based on your unique needs
  • Menus, recipes and cooking guidelines
  • Guidelines for shopping, eating on-the-go, and dining out
  • Behavior modification, improved compliance, motivation and on-going support
  • Exercise guidelines and instruction designed to get the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time
  • Life-long changes and health improvement
  • Comprehensive nutritional education

Education on the necessary topics to optimize health and make weight loss permanent:

  • Insulin’s effect on weight gain
  • Factors effecting the metabolism – improve yours!
  • Changing the body’s physiology to burn more fat
  • Protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fats, cholesterol, sodium, vitamins and minerals…sorting out the nutrients and learning the correct proportion to make your weight loss program more successful
  • Lowering you set-point weight and getting past plateaus
  • Glycemic Index
  • Acid-Alkaline balance
  • Reading labels
  • Improving mood, sleep, energy with good nutrition
  • Combating stress eating
  • Dealing with menopause, PMS, food allergies/intolerance, GI disorders
  • Improving blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar
  • Dietary role in combating gout, kidney stones, osteoporosis, cancer prevention/recovery, hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, thyroid disorder
  • Syndrome X, nutrient depleters, obesegens 
  • And many more interesting topics!

Kids Can Do It!

An Educational and Motivational Approach to Teaching Kids About Good Nutrition and Developing Life Long Healthy Eating Habits

  • One-on-one counseling with a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist
  • One session with a Certified Exercise Specialist
  • Body composition testing
  • Educational materials
  • Journal for record-keeping
  • Recipes, grocery shopping guidelines
  • Parental educational materials

Our staff of Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Exercise Specialists deal with each client on an individual basis to achieve success and lasting results. Our programs are educational, comprehensive and always positive, motivating and supportive. We look forward to working with you and your child!

Eating for Healthy Menopause

  • Lose weight, avoid weight gain
  • Relieve symptoms and discomfort
  • Get the correct percentage of nutrients to keep you looking and feeling young
  • Guidelines for preventing osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease
  • Learn how to incorporate nutritional and exercise principles into hectic schedules and make changes for lasting results
  • Learn about the special dietary needs for the 40+ woman

Research shows that how and what you eat greatly influences your hormonal balance, overall health and feeling of well-being during your pre-and post menopausal years. Diminishing Dimensions has developed a fun and informative 8-week course geared towards the mature female to help make these years full of energy and vitality as well as keeping the body fit and healthy in the years to come. Individualized diets, menu planning, recipes and taste-testing, exercise demonstrations and in-depth nutritional education make this the most unique and comprehensive program of its kind.

Lecture Services, Educational Programs

Let Diminishing Dimensions present an informative talk to your company on nutrition! There are so many interesting areas to cover and our experience has proven to us that there is a receptive audience out there.

Topics include:

Cancer-proof yourself, clean out your arteries, and add years to your life. Discover foods with disease-blocking properties, effective ways to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Learn about antioxidants, soy foods and phytochemicals that can keep you in peak health.

Discover ways to improve your metabolism, lower fat-storing enzymes, fire up fat-burning capacities, regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, control cravings and bingeing, put an end to yo-yo dieting, deprivation and other harmful “dieting” practices.

Achieve your ideal weight and fix figure flaws. Learn the foods that enhance appearance, energy levels, help prevent osteoporosis and eliminate PMS suffering. Deal with family meals, hectic schedules and eating on-the-go.