“In February 1999, I had the following results from my doctor:
February 1999
WT: 169 lbs.
BP” 184/94
Cholesterol: 240+
Fasting Blood Sugar: 125+

August 1999
WT: 139 lbs.
BP” 110/70
Cholesterol: 180
Fasting Blood Sugar: 102

With my before picture in February ’99 my doctor warned me that I was heading for Diabetes, a stroke or maybe a heart attack. At age 73 I realized I was a time-bomb facing disaster. As a Registered Nurse since the 1950’s, I didn’t want to be a patient instead of a caregiver. Diminishing Dimensions offered me a nutritional professional who directed and guided me all the way. You can’t put a price on being more energetic, healthy and much happier!”

Betty Friel, East Haven