“When I first came to Diminishing Dimensions I was not at all sure it was going to work. I had tried everything and believe me when I say I had tried everything, I mean everything! I felt that it was either try this one last thing or spend the rest of my life heavy. I guess it was a point in my life where I was low enough that the only place to go was up.
Seeing their TV commercial, I made an appointment and began the most life changing journey I have ever been on. Like I said I was a real skeptic when I started, but that soon changed.

As I began the plan and found myself eating every three hours, I thought this can’t possibly work, but low and behold, it did. As I started exercising and yes, there is exercise involved, the weight began melting away slowly, but surely.

I not only kept a food journal, but also got my own personal diary of achievements that I had made. There are little things like not asking for a table when going to a restaurant, but being able to sit in a booth. This used to be a BIG deal when I went out. I have more confidence, more energy, actually see my feet and, once again, love to go shopping for clothes.

While this has been a long journey, it has been a very rewarding one. I now look at food in a totally different way and am making conscious choices. It’s a journey I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

Thank you Diminishing Dimensions”

Bonnie Wither, Branford