From the time I was a child being overweight has always been an issue for me. Since my late teens I have tried all the latest and greatest fad diets and weight loss schemes I’d read about, or seen on TV, only to put the weight back on. It wasn’t until I’d met Rita at Diminishing Dimensions that I actually started to question the reasons for the weight gain. Over time I’ve gained an understanding and adopted a healthy behavior and life style change, while losing the weight.
It wasn’t until I actually made a full commitment to the change that I began to see real results. Rita patiently guided me through the rough spots and the results have been extraordinary! I now know that I need to eat to live not live to eat. Today, I have a much greater appreciation and understanding of the trigger foods that I need to avoid and the healthy foods I need to embrace. With Rita’s help and guidance I’ve been able to lose 100 pounds. Losing the weight and getting healthier has been a life changing experience.

Carl Stafford