“It’s the same old story you hear time and time again after women have had a baby or two… after the birth of my second child at age 35 I just couldn’t seem to get control of my weight again. Over the following eleven years I tried everything. I’d lose 20 lbs. and gain it back, plus more.
Then one day a friend told me about Diminishing Dimensions.

I thought I was well aware of nutrition, but thought I’d look into one more program. The counselors personally worked with me through medical obstacles (thyroid condition, brain surgery) and emotional obstacles (the loss of two loved ones) and in just 12 weeks I lost 37 lbs.! I’m just halfway to my goal, but I now know I can do it with the help of the wonderful people at Diminishing Dimensions who have encouraged me and given me tremendous nutritional guidance every step of the way.

No, I don’t expect to weigh what I did when I was 20 years old. My goal is to be healthy so I can keep up with my 11 year old daughter. It is, however, a definite plus to look nice in my clothes now. Look for me again in a few months when I’ve reached my goal!

Thank you Diminishing Dimensions for helping me be a healthier and happier woman!”

Carol Gustafson, Manchester