Hello, my name is Carolyn. I am 64years old and I live in Colchester and I am presently retired. While at my doctor’s office and being weighed on one visit she made a comment as she was worried about my health as my weight had steadily been going up. I had never had a weight problem as I was always active and my job was quite physical. But once I retired, I seemed to retire from everything!! My doctor had a pamphlet in her office that was from Diminishing Dimensions and said she didn’t really know anything about it, but thought I should give them a call. At my doctor’s office I weighed 215 pounds. Even I was in shock. I waited a few days and finally called Diminishing Dimensions to set up an appointment. When I went to my appointment, Rita was there and I remember asking her if she really thought I could lose this weight and I cried all at the same time. In her encouraging ways she told me if I followed the program and started exercising daily there was no way that I couldn’t lose the weight. So I started my new journey with Diminishing Dimensions. My food choices and amounts were more than reasonable and I wondered how I would eat so much food in one day and lose weight at the same time. But once I began reading each chapter in the program and working with Rita it all became clear on how my psychological as well as physical needs with food worked. I would recommend and encourage this program to anyone who might be struggling as much as I was. All of the foods that I enjoyed were here but presented in a much healthier way. My short comings of too many bad carbs and sugars were deleted and I began to ask myself before I put anything in my mouth, “is this good for my body”, and it helped me a lot. I still do that to this day. One of the biggest changes that I have made is that I do not eat any longer in my bedroom watching TV which was a big comfort zone for me.
Since completing my program and having lost nearly 90 pounds my cholesterol has dropped to the point that I am no longer on medication, my blood pressure has also dropped and my body fat has dropped to acceptable levels. I am back to exercising on a regular basis including aerobic and anaerobic which was taught so well from Marlane who was also an important part of my weight loss and I can’t thank her enough. There are so many things that I consider so important like amounts of protein needed in one day as well as water whether I want it or not. I feel like I could write a book about what I have learned from Rita and D. D.
So if you are thinking about a program to join, don’t wait, make that call and I
assure you that you will never regret it. Good Luck!

Carolyn Patterson Noel