“What a difference Diminishing Dimensions has made in our lives! Over the years our weight had gradually crept up and our doctor warned about cholesterol levels. I liked what I read about the one on one consultation. After I joined, Chet decided to come along. Doing the program together, as a couple, has made things so much easier. We could choose from all the recipes, go to the gym together, remind each other to take along the recommended snacks and still enjoy our wine time. Soon it began to show. Margy lost almost 60 pounds and greatly reduced her cholesterol level. Chet lost 30 pounds and improved his strength and muscle tone.

Rita has been amazing. What a coach and cheerleader! She provided us with menus, recipes, advice on eating out and made us understand how the body works. We couldn’t have done it without you, Rita.”

Chet and Margy Pelka, Glastonbury