I started with Rita back in the beginning of January 2015 at the encouragement of a friend. I was always one of those okay I put on 10 lbs I can just lose it by starving myself types. This time I put on an extra 50 lbs had high cholesterol and a fatty liver. I knew I needed some help, as starvation not only being unhealthy for you just wasn’t going to cut it.

The first time I met with Rita she said to me “okay you need to lose 10 lbs 5 times” I had never thought of it that way and wow did that sound a lot easier then having to lose 50 lbs. Rita introduced me to her partner Marlaine, and the two of them put together a plan that consisted of both diet and exercise. I met with Marlaine at the gym twice a week and Rita in her office once a week. Rita put together a diet plan that really made me feel as though I wasn’t dieting at all. I was actually eating more often through out the day, but now I was eating the correct things.

Recovering from spinal surgery, exercise was a complicated thing for me, Marlaine was right there the entire time coaching me along and guiding me to the correct exercises and soon enough I forgot about my limitations and was working out the proper way. Every time I would reach a 10lb weight loss goal, Marlaine would hand me a weight and say can you imagine walking around with that on your body. I am proud to report 5 months later I have dropped the 50 lbs, my cholesterol level is now in check and no more fatty liver. I highly suggest you talk with both Rita and Marlaine as they will teach you that the fad diets don’t work and that their plan does, it will become a way of life, and a life that is much better.

Geoff M., South Windsor