“I have always been big, going back to my teenage years. As a football player in high school and college, my weight was never really an issue. Through physical activity and weight training, I was able to keep my weight under control but as I got older, my weight got higher. I would yo-yo (lose 40, gain 60), unable to maintain a loss.
Seven months ago, at over 365 lbs., the health talk hit me. Simple things like walking up the stairs became work. I read a testimonial similar to this one about someone losing weight at Diminishing Dimensions. It was difficult for me to admit I had a problem I could not deal with myself.

From the first day, the people at Diminishing Dimensions were great. Instead of just telling me not to eat, I learned how to lose weight and keep a healthy lifestyle. There is always plenty of encouragement and I have my own individual eating plan. It’s not how much you eat, but what you eat and when you eat it. I eat plenty of food and I am not hungry. I replaced my high carb, high sugar, high fat diet with a balanced one of healthy food. I read labels and make good choices. My love of exercise and weight training fit perfectly with my eating plan.

In 7 months I have lost over 70 lbs. and continue to lose. My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal and my waist is down 4 inches. More importantly. I feel great. Diminishing Dimensions works for me.”

John Rank, Branford