Karin Speier of Glastonbury was a size 5X. The 41 year old nurse had “tried every diet on the planet”. Quite frankly, she was sick to death of dieting. Karin had 100 extra pounds on her petite 5′ frame. Her blood pressure and cholesterol were up: the usual symptoms that go with being over weight.
“When I met with my nutrition counselor she asked me ‘what foods can’t you live without?’ I immediately thought that I must be in wrong place! This is a diet counselor who cares about what I like to eat? This is when I made up my mind to make my program a lifestyle and not another diet.”

Karin has lost 118 lbs at Diminishing Dimensions and has dropped from a size 5X to size 16-18. Her blood pressure and cholesterol are down and she no longer takes medication.

“Diminishing Dimensions is the smartest thing I’ve ever done and the best money I ever spent.”

Karin Speier, Glastonbury