“The Diminishing Dimensions program has improved my quality of life. Due to many factors, I was unable to shed the extra pounds that I had gained during my pregnancies. I was depressed about the way I looked, but unable to motivate myself to lose the weight. The best decision I ever made was to walk into Diminishing Dimensions to see what the program is all about. With the help of my wonderful nutritionist, I lost 33 pounds over a five month period, and my body fat had decreased by 10%. The truly amazing part is that unlike some of my friends, who are on other weight loss programs, I do not feel deprived and I am never hungry. I even lose weight when I am traveling and eating all meals in restaurants! Most importantly, my self-image is greatly improved. My family and friends are impressed with the new me! Thanks Diminishing Dimensions, I could never have done this without your help.”

Laurie Reynolds, North Branford