“I felt very depressed, my clothes did not fit and I was tired all the time. I decided to try Diminishing Dimensions. This would be my final attempt to lose weight and keep it off. I like all the nutrition information that this program offers. I learned all the things I was doing wrong. I now understand how to eat healthy and what combinations of nutrients my body needs. the correct percentage of protein, carbohydrate, fiber and fat for my body was key to steady weight loss, increased energy and a higher metabolism. Diminishing Dimensions showed me a plan to coordinate with my odd working hours and allowed me to still go out pizza with my Dad without feeling guilty. Even with physical limitations, the exercise specialist developed an exercise plan that works for me. I have lost 40 pounds! Permanent changes in my lifestyle have been made. My motivation and interest in nutrition is part of who I am now. No more fad dieting!”

Liz Sanford, Glastonbury