“Nothing has made such an impression on me as the Diminishing Dimensions program. I can’t say enough about it or the wonderful people I have met at Diminishing Dimensions. It has changed my life significantly.
When I was younger, I never had a weight problem. Getting older and being a mother led to a 5-7 pound gain each year until I was 20 pounds overweight. Fad diets, leaving me hungry and with no energy, would knock off weight which I would gain right back. A stressful life-style, eating on the run, and poor habits contributed.

After seeing a picture of myself on vacation, I realized how unhappy I was and so I went to Diminishing Dimensions. It is truly amazing the difference it has made for me. I was never hungry, found the program fun and educational and everyone who knows me noticed the big change. I no longer have headaches and my energy level has increased. I now like how I look and feel and I can’t stop recommending this to everyone! Thank you Diminishing Dimensions!”

Nancy Scheetz