“Having been on this diet for the past ten months, I have become more self-confident and happy with myself. I was always a little on the heavy side when I was younger, and when I hit my teenage years, it really began to bother me and became a struggle. I was very unhappy with myself and I dreaded shopping for clothes.
Then, my mother went to Diminishing Dimensions and lost 60 pounds! I saw how much success she was having and begged her to let me start the program. she finally agreed, and I couldn’t be happier. I have lost about 25 pounds, but better yet, I have gone from a size 10-12 pant size to a size 4. I have gained so much self confidence and I now enjoy shopping for clothes – a little too much! For the first time, I really feel good about my appearance and enjoy the compliments that I get from friends and family about how I look.

Going to Diminishing Dimensions has been the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I would recommend it for anyone who has ever felt the way I did. It completely changed my life.”

Windy Black, Simsbury